Unlovable Service Dr. Erik Goluboff is crucial for prevention and ensuring a healthy life

Dr. Erik Goluboff is crucial for prevention and ensuring a healthy life

Dr. Erik Goluboff is crucial for prevention and ensuring a healthy life post thumbnail image

Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor that most frequently affects the urogenital system. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in men, especially after age 50, and men with a family history of the disease.
Dr. Erik Goluboff has programs in which different specialists participate to provide comprehensive care for prevention, early diagnosis, and consensual treatment of male health problems. According to Dr. Erik, the interrelation of various pathologies in their etiology and clinical presentation, treated separately by specialists, often do not provide definitive solutions to the problem in question.
Dr. Erik Goluboff addresses, from a surgical, medical, and comprehensive perspective, all the complications in his region of influence, whether they are syndromes, clinical signs, or diseases. He also attends to anatomical cases, remedying problems at the system, organ, and apparatus levels.
Two tools help us with the diagnosis: rectal examination or digital palpation of the prostate, and specific prostate antigen, which is a blood test that, when elevated, allows us to suspect the presence of the disease. Both should be performed annually, starting at age 50 in the general population and starting at age 40 in men with a family history.

He does all the pertinent studies

Many men fear and are uncomfortable with this consultation because they do not have it normalized like women in the case of a visit to a gynecologist. Still, you must be aware that urologist check-ups are necessary if you want to prevent or prevent them from worsening some important health problems.
On suspicion, Dr Erik Goluboff performs a prostate biopsy to confirm the tumor’s presence. This is an outpatient procedure, which in most cases is performed under local anesthesia and allows obtaining samples of prostate tissue to be analyzed microscopically, thus confirming the existence of cancer.

Help to dispel any doubt

Dr. Erik Goluboff can also help you to dispel any doubts about sexuality or the functioning of the urinary system, no matter how old you are; Knowledge is crucial for prevention and ensuring a healthy life. If you perceive anomalies in the functioning of your urinary or genital system, do not hesitate to go to this famous expert to avoid the possibility that the symptoms become complicated.

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