Unlovable General Tips On How To Be A Better Cyclist With Marty Nothstein

Tips On How To Be A Better Cyclist With Marty Nothstein

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Cycling is a fun, healthy activity, whether you’re a beginner or advanced cyclist, there are many ways to improve your skills. In this article we will discuss some of the best tips on how you can become a better cyclist.
Practice Makes It Perfect
The best way to be a better cyclist is to practice and the more you ride, the more confident, comfortable and efficient on your bike you’ll become.
It’s easy: just get out there and do it, if you don’t have much time in your schedule for rides, try going out on weekends when traffic is lighter and weather conditions are more agreeable. You could also consider joining a recreational group ride if there’s one nearby check with local bike shops.
If possible though, Marty Nothstein recommend making time each week for some solo training rides where no one else knows where or how fast they’re going . No one can pressure or distract from what matters most and getting better at riding bikes.
Make It A Safe Environment For Cycling And Fun
Use proper hand signals according to Marty Nothstein and when you’re turning, signaling will alert others to your intentions, allowing them to prepare themselves or avoid an accident. If you’re riding with other cyclists, give them the right-of-way by waving your arm in their direction when necessary.
● Wear A Helmet
Helmets prevent serious head injuries that could result in brain damage or death if they are not worn properly while cycling on the roadways with cars speeding by at high speeds.
It only takes one bad fall from your bike to cause severe damage so always wear one when riding out in public places like parks or streets where there may be traffic nearby or even if there isn’t.
● Ride With Traffic Rather Than Against It
This means that if there isn’t any sidewalk available then follow along behind other vehicles until reaching an intersection, before crossing over into another lane so everyone knows what’s coming up ahead next time around too especially those behind who might otherwise forget about seeing someone else coming up behind them quickly too soon after passing by another person off onto one side instead.

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