Unlovable Medical Using Social Media to Improve Outcomes in Medicine

Using Social Media to Improve Outcomes in Medicine

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As the world of medicine continues to evolve, so too must the ways that medical professionals leverage social media. Dr Charles Noplis, who served as the University of Louisville School of Medicine Dean from 2003-2008, put it best when he said, “Social media is no longer just a platform to share stories and updates with friends and family.

Today, it’s a powerful tool for doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals to share information about their treatment plans, research results, and even ongoing patient care”.
1) Build Connections
Healthcare systems are complex and vast. There are many moving pieces that all need to come together in order for patients to receive quality care.

Dr Charles Noplis By using social media as a platform to build connections between medical professionals in different departments or even between different institutions, healthcare teams can more easily collaborate on patient care plans and treatment options.

This benefits everyone involved – patients get better care, and medical professionals have access to more resources than ever before.
2) Disseminate Information Quickly
The speed at which information is disseminated today has drastically changed how we approach patient care. Healthcare professionals now have the ability to quickly share research results or new treatments with colleagues around the world via social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. This helps foster collaboration between medical institutions, which leads to faster diagnosis times and improved outcomes for patients.
Social media has become an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals looking for better outcomes in medicine. By leveraging its power for connection building within the industry as well as quick dissemination of information, healthcare providers now have more opportunities than ever before to make sure their patients receive only the best quality of care available.

With this increased access comes increased responsibility – but by following best practices when it comes to social media use in medicine, we can ensure that our patients benefit from all that modern technology has to offer!

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